Jetson nano micro USB can be set as a host?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to modify the .dtsi file of a jetson Nano platform to simply attach an external keyboard on microUSB port. I use a JETSON Nano p3448 with emmc on a development board p3449. I know that the micro usb port on the development board does not provide power to external devices, but i’m using an usb hub with an external power supply.

I followed the instructions in NVIDIA adaptation guide

and I modified the device tree as follow :

		vbus_id_gpio_extcon: extcon@1 {
			compatible = "extcon-gpio-states";
			reg = <0x1>;
			extcon-gpio,name = "VBUS_ID";
			extcon-gpio,wait-for-gpio-scan = <0>;
			extcon-gpio,cable-states = <0x3 0x2
					0x0 0x2
					0x1 0x2
					0x2 0x1>;
			gpios = <&gpio TEGRA_GPIO(BB, 0) 0
				&gpio TEGRA_GPIO(E, 6) 0>;
			extcon-gpio,out-cable-names = <EXTCON_USB EXTCON_USB_HOST EXTCON_NONE>;
			#extcon-cells = <1>;
			//nvidia,pmc-wakeup = <&tegra_pmc

Instead of using TEGRA_GPIO(CC, 4) and TEGRA_GPIO(Z, 1), I configured TEGRA_GPIO(BB, 0) and TEGRA_GPIO(E, 6).

TEGRA_GPIO(E, 6) is the ID,

On the system log I can see the keyboard, but it does not work. Any ideas?

Not quite sure about what you are doing here. Are you re-working the hardware of p3449?

The micro-OTG port of a Nano developer kit lacks the wiring to run in host mode.

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