Jetson Nano - Mobile Form Factor

Hi all, i’m trying to use the nano in a very portable manner. Does anyone know if the Jetson Nano has been assembled in to a mobile phone like manner? Or if any mobile has the Nano GPU?

Hi kanav.batra,

I haven’t seen this use case yet, people usually connect a 5G modem for video streaming or other applications.

Hi kayccc,

I’m happy to be the first (but wish someone was ahead of me) :)

I still want to use it as an edge device to reduce bandwidth costs, but I want it such that it can be installed anywhere and configured with ease at new sites. So I was imagining a mobile like solution with a screen etc.

Do you know if there’s an existing mobile phone with a NVIDIA GPU, I can maybe run tensorRT + ubuntu on that? Or of a mobile that can give nano like performance with TfLite etc?

No, there is no mobile phone with our GPU on market.