Jetson NANO & NDI

We use the jetson nano modules to playback IP Camera stream by gstreamer.
The AV market push us very much to support the NDI stream also.

Is there or does anyone know any solution? Ie. working gst-ndi-plugin on nano?


We don’t know much about NDI stream. Is it a type of compressed stream, like h264/h265/vp9?

All supported types are listed in developer guide


Thanks for your response.

The NDI is a procotol which uses the h264/5 compression and nowadays so many IP cameras and streaming devices contain this feature therefore the AV market likes this technology because this is in a high-quality, low-latency manner and this is frame accurate.

There is some infos from wikipedia:

I found several plugin for gstreamer to add support for NDI technology, but none of them written in arm64 even the NDI’s company developed the arm based sdk. (NDI SDK (Software Developer Kit))


For RTSP streaming we will link like:

... ! nvv4l2h264enc ! h264parse ! rtph264pay ! ...

If the NDI plugin is like rtph264pay and is open source, you can try to build it on Jetson platforms. See if you can then use the plugin.

We have the instructions of building our plugins:

May refer to it and see if the NDI plugin can be built in a similar way.

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is it confirmed to be a resolved case?
how can we use ndi ?
could you provide an extended instruction how to build the gstreamer with ndi, then run an example, please?


  1. Jetson - Newtek NDI - #8 by glowland

Hi @Andrey1984 sorry we actually don’t have experience about NDI. Would see if other users can try the steps and share experience.