Jetson Nano No Display

I have two jetson nano boards, with one micro sd card. I used the sd card in both boards along with the same power supply and tried the microusb power but still noticed an issue with one of the boards. I see the power light on DS3 PWR led but I’m not seeing the display. I’m using the same wires cables on both boards but the first board isn’t displaying anything or powering any of the usb devices while the second board is able to do everything.

I have purchased both boards brand new two months ago. NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit (945-13450-0000-100)

Please advise.

Re-flash with SDK Manager first.
If the same SD card works for one device but not the other, usually that means bootloader stuff on that device is broken, and it can only be recovered by re-flashing with SDK Manager.

Incidentally, only the operating system is on the SD card. Flashing in this case means flashing the QSPI on the module itself. The SD card is not capable of holding that content, thus the need for flashing the module itself in recovery mode.

I’ve tried using the sdk manager but it seems that it isn’t able to detect the board, I’ve tried connecting both boards on different usb ports and usbs but I’m not able to see anything. I’ve checked lsusb and don’t see the associated device there either.

Force recovery mode is required.

Ended up working thank you for all the help

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