Jetson Nano not booting after 1st nvidia screen

Jetson nano was working fine, and it hanged as usual so to Restart it I unplugged the power supply and plugged back in after a few seconds. Now, after the first Nvidia boot screen, it turns the display off and doesn’t boot, the green led is On. I looked at the forum and tried solutions like switching power supplies for boot micro-USB and barrel jack, reflashing the SD-Card both doesn’t seem to help. Also tired to connect jetson Nano over Serial using minicom on ubuntu, unfortunately, there is no output on the console. I am not at the point where I am starting to believe more and more it’s a hardware issue. Any solutions, suggestions and how do I get to support if its really a board issue.

If the boot screen comes up, then the console of minicom should at least have some bootloader logs.
Do you see any logs?

No I don’t see any boot logs on screen, I just see nvidia logo and the monitor turns off, minicom also doesn’t show anything, I wanted to give flashing with sdk manager a shot which also failed see here Where can I find logs, I will get.

I replied that thread. Please verify that first.

I see this issue when my jetson is not receiving enough power, while setting to max power mode.
Have u installed any jetson utility from github?

Can you try use a 5v >=4A DC jack ?

Yup, was using the barrel jack (5v 4A) power supply. I believe this is related to the other thread I created here

Ah I c, thx for letting me know.

btw i don’t know if it’s true, but i heard people saying 5v 4a power supply won’t sustain 4A, it will be a little lower than 4a.

Yah I think it’s something else for your problem. Hope u can solve it soon.

Had the same problem. Swapped in a Rpi 3B+ adapter from Canakit

All is working now for me.

It would seem that the Nano really wants the supply voltgae to be above 5V.
Most supplies sag to as low as 4.7-4.8V

Same as what i heard. I’m using a 5v 4.3A adapter, only one i can find that’s cheap on