Jetson Nano not booting after logout with error: no acknowledge from address

My Jetson Nano worked normally a few minutes ago. Then I logged out and was unable to login again with the default user, dlinano.

After re-plugin the power supplier, it doesn’t boot, keep showing the black screen with “no acknowledge from address 0x3c” on the console when I connect to the monitor via HDMI. The green light is always on.

Can I make the Jeson Nano boot again without flash the sdcard?

Hi tong.tvt.truong,

What image are you using?
Are you using “DLI AI Jetson Nano SDCARD image” ? or using JetPack-4.3?


I am using the “DLI AI Jetson Nano SDCARD image”. btw, I did flash the image again.

btw, I did flash the image again.

Do you mean flash with sdkmanager(jetpack)?

I flash this “DLI AI Jetson Nano SDCARD image”, 7GB file.

Hi tong.tvt.truong,

The DLI AI Jetson Nano SDCARD image should be 20GB.
Please download again and flash via Etcher tool.