Jetson Nano: Not booting (my fault)

I have a Jetson Nano 4GB and it was working awesome, had wifi & enclosure (Yahboom Acrylic Case) added as well. Recently I was using the data cable and connecting directly to my PC and working on a project. After that I dropped it on the carpet (accidently) from the table (less than 2ft high) and now it’s not booting. I tried using the same SD card in other Nano and it boots and works great.

It’s hard from me to believe, that such a small fall would create an havoc (!!) to my awesome Nano. Any thoughts on how I could get it working.

Apologies to the post and mistakes learnt…


Are you set up for serial console? If this has failed, then serial console probably won’t have any output at all after attempting to boot. On the other hand, if you do get some serial console output, then it probably means hardware is at least partially alive and the boot log would perhaps suggest where things are going wrong. See:


     Thanks for suggestion, I ordered the TTL-USB cable and give a shot and let you know. 

     Appreciate your timely help.

Hello, all!
I connected not right another board in gpio. My Nano stopped booting. Serial Console don’t have any output. Is there anything I can try to do to restore it?

You should start a new thread for the topic. There was another post on this topic, but I don’t remember where. If there is no serial console output, then I suspect the carrier board is damaged (but most likely the module itself survived).