Jetson Nano not booting up, LED remains unlit

I ordered a Jetson Nano (4GB) Developer Kit a month ago and have been using it happily for the past month. Today, when I went to boot up the Nano (with the same usb power supply I have been using for the past month) the green light did not turn on and the system refused to boot.

I have perused the forums and tried several suggestions to no avail. I have also tried an alternative 5V = 2A power supplies and have not had any success booting; the green power indicator LED remains unlit.

Looking for troubleshooting suggestions or possible RMA.

Sounds like the carrier board itself has failed (modules rarely fail, but carrier boards have had power delivery failures before). For RMA process, see:

Note: Do see if the LED still shows failed if no peripherals are attached (e.g., not even a keyboard).

Yes, even without peripherals plugged in the Green LED remains unlit.

This does sound like it is time to RMA.