Jetson nano not booting up..

Hi guys,
Need your help. I used 5v * 4A power supply with jumper on j48 and MicroSD Sandisk Ultra 32G.
All seems to be good but nothing happens on first boot.
Some facts:
We did the instructions on 2 Nano Jetson Kits separately.
We did it with 2 Ultra MicroSD Sandisk 32G cards.
The HDMI cable and the display (MAG) works good with Jetson TX2 and raspberry PI.
I followed the instruction on this link:|01||8608bd54212a465b7d7708d6c34ebd68|c312a2b4b90043b78716eeda69477833|1&sdata=AX7xvaWfWMuvRjCyGXJ8nJu4%2F7RrxEgcl0JaZP7tz5k%3D&reserved=0

What am I doing wrong?
Can you guys investigate it?
It’s kind of urgent

Hi, are you using DC power supply or micro USB? Can you try other power supply and cable that is similar to Adafruit’s 5V 2.5A Switching Power Supply with 20AWG MicroUSB Cable (GEO151UB-6025) listed in guide?

Hi efiryw2d,

Have you managed to get your Nano boot up successfully?
Please update the status.


Yes… Thanks… we used HDMI to VGA cable in TX2 it works, in Nano it doesn’t.


VGA isn’t supported on any Jetson. This cuts the DDC wire (which communicates the EDID data…the monitor describing its specs). If VGA works, then it is only because you got lucky with a default mode or fallback.