Jetson Nano not booting

I recently bought a Jetson nano I flashed the sd card hooked up the jetson nano using the barrel jack and put in the micro sd card and the fan turned on but there was no image on my display.

what do I do now?

Is the monitor purely HDMI without any adapters? Describe your monitor.

Also, from your host PC, if you monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then you plug in the micro-USB to your PC, what shows up in the dmesg log from the insert?

it is a hp 27in curved monitor with HDMI and Display port

It sounds like the monitor should work. What did you see on your Linux host PC log for dmesg output as the micro-USB was connected?

FYI, the best way to know what is going on is via serial console. Some info is here:

what do you mean by Linux host pc

Host PC could be a Windows PC or Linux PC.
But, here, normally x86 based Linux PC which runs Ubuntu if possible.

If you connect your Jetson Nano developer kit to Linux Host PC with micro USB cable,
you may find NVIDIA related messages at dmesg command.

And the best way to know what’s up on your Nano is using serial console as @linuxdev said.

Exactly as @MtHiker said. Most of the time it is assumed you have a PC running Linux, preferably Ubuntu 18.04. Some flash software only runs from this. However, if you have a USB serial UART cable, then this will work from Windows as well to provide a serial console. The difference is that on Windows you’d probably use the application “PuTTY” for the program which opens the serial console.

what about a windows PC with the Ubuntu terminal downloaded?

I plugged a micro USB cable into to the jetson nano and plugged the other end into my windows pc, connected an ethernet cable to the nano and the other end into my router and plugged in the barrel jack to my jetson nano following jetson hacks jetson nano headless setup but I could not find it in the device manager as he showed.

however, I am not 100% sure my micro-USB can carry data although it is a very nice micro USB cable.

For serial console any o/s with serial console software will work. In terms of an Ubuntu terminal on Windows, there isn’t any problem with this if the terminal has access to the serial port (and it may not, I don’t know). However, flash software will not work from the Windows environment. A VM can be made to work, but is difficult.

The micro-B USB provided with Jetsons works with data and is high quality. Very few “charger cables” can sustain data and tend to be very cheap. If a cable were to just be “cheap”, then flashing with this would work in the beginning, but fail part way through the flash. Serial console tends to at least partially work with cheap charger cables (the data rate of serial console is far slower than the data rate in a flash).