Jetson Nano not booting

Dear Experts,
I wanted to take a backup of the my project. So i shutdown my Jetson Nano system. I tried to take sdcard. Unfortunately, i forgot to switch off the power. After that i inserted my sdcard again. It is not booting my Jetson Nano system. My Jetson Nano wouldn’t work again?


At this case, we’re not sure if any damage made on your SD card.
From the result, it can’t boot the device, so please reflash your device with SDK manager or try to recreate a SD card image by:

Download the SD Card Image, then follow the steps at Getting Started with Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

I have tested the same SD card in another Jetson Nano. Its booting. But it is not booting in above said Jetson Nano system.

Find an empty card, insert this empty card to this problematic nano.

Flash this nano along with the empty card with sdkmanager. The jetapck version from sdkm should match your old sdcard jetpack version.

After the flashing, put your old sdcard back to replace that empty card.

Sorry for delay response. I have connected my problematic Jetson Nano(empty SD card) with host machine. I have installed older version and new version of Jetpack. Hardware configuration in SDK Manager, jetson nano device is not detected. I can’t able to go to step 2 in SDK Manager. Because, my host machine Ubuntu version is 20.04

I have checked whether the device is connected or not with command ls /dev/tty’ . No new device is connected.
Even i have checked in Windows 10 machine. I don’t see any com port device connected.

Please try to configure the board into recovery mode manually.

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