jetson nano not booting

I make all this test too. Nothing. I reflash the SD card with SDKmanager in force mode. Everything it’s ok now.

Make sure you didn’t make a bonehead mistake like I did: (downloaded and flashed the 4GB Nano image when I have a 2GB Nano) You will get the Nvidia logo screen forever

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Hi…I have installed opencv 4.4.0 successfully, by referring in jetson nano. After a day, jetson is not booting up. And I am sure that no issues in Power supply. Green led remains on in jetson board. But there is no display in monitor

I met this problem once before. I formatted SD card and flashed image file again. Then jetson booted up. Please help me to solve this issue…

Some suggestion for people who think they hit similar case here…

I think there are actually multiple behaviors in this topics and not every case is truly “not booting up”.

For example, I see the first comment has a video which shows the stuck in NVIDIA Logo and then display is off. Such case means the boot process may not able to enter the kernel. And it is also possible that kernel does not support this monitor.

Also, some users reporting their monitor stuck in some console log with log printed. Such case is even hard to debug because it is not “fail to boot”. It probably just “GUI desktop fails to launch”. However, too much factors can cause this problem.

Then, back to what I really want to say…

Since this thread has been opened for almost 2 years, people who joined recently may not actually use the same software/ jetpack version as previous users. Thus, please file a new topic for your issue.

Also, we strongly suggest you have to dump the uart log for “not booting” error. Below page provides the method for how to dump the uart log.

To be honest, it is really hard to tell what the actual error you are hitting without any log. And it is also hard to tell what is the error if you ask question in this topic, because there are too many kinds.