Jetson Nano not displaying?

Hi, I just followed all of the steps to flash and run my nano.

The issue is, Even though I have a barrel jack power supply, it won’t show any lights on the board with just the jack.

IF I used the usb power supply slot on the nano, Lights turn on and I was able to Flash.

The bigger problem is that I am not seeing any display at all when I am plugged into the micro usb?

Any Ideas? I am using a really cheap second-hand monitor using HDMI, which works with my other PC… I don’t really have another tv to access at this point.
Any ideas? Should I try to flash again?

I tested the barrel jack power supply by running my HDMI screen, so it has power and was able to work on that?

This is brand new, just opened the box?
Any Ideas?

Thank you so much for your help!

I think you can follow the guide in (3) in below link. To dump the serial console log from uart pin.

Please ignore dmesg and syslog since you are not able to dump them under such circumstance.