Jetson Nano not displaying

’m having an issue where my Jetson Nano is not displaying. The power light turns on and is green, and I have swapped out the power supply and displays several times. I have also used both HDMI and DisplayPort to test the system out. As a precautionary measure I have also redownloaded the .img file and reimaged my SD card on a different system. I have also attempted a boot without the SD card, and I still cant get anything to display. The SD card works on my friends Nano setup, so I think the image went through properly. I beg for your help, because this concerns my university graduation.

Thank you!

I have contacted support via live chat and they have told me to post here. This is also straight out of the box.

Flash your board with sdkmanager. Do not try sdcard image.

sir, how can I flash my board with out displaying anything

Flashing a board is not using jetson. It requires to use separate x86_64 ubuntu 18.04 host.

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