Jetson nano not showing anything on monitor

I had a jetson nano which was shipped to me last year, I couldn’t check the device at that time. Now, I tried to load a working SD card with a flashed jetpack (which works perfectly with another jetson nano) to the old nano. The device gets powered up, but I get nothing else.

No activity on the monitor, no activity on mouse or keyboard. (The same setup works for another jetson nano which I’m currently working with). The board was shipped from the US to Bangladesh so is there a chance it got some physical damage (even though it was wrapped up with protective cover) or the board was damaged in the first place?

How can I check if it’s damaged or get it working if it’s not?

Just to add some context, in the first run it also made some weird noises which is unnatural considering it has no moving components.

There were some early Nanos which were revision a02. Then this turned into revision b01. Carrier boards for a02 and b01 and not compatible with the modules of the other revision. Is there a chance that your carrier board is from a different revision than is your module? If you inspect the modules, then perhaps you could determine if they are the same (or different) revisions.

Also, the software flashed a02 and b01 can differ (e.g., device tree).