Jetson nano not turning and running into objects

Hi, I am setting up a jetson nano for Wells Fargo and I am having a problem. I followed all the instructions without a problem and have encountered no errors. I took 100 images each for free and blocked and ran the training module with 30 epochs with no errors. When the Live Demo is run it encounters no errors and everything appears to be running normally except that the video feed which stops, however, I don’t think that effects anything else as the rest of the program runs fine. The wheels turn though they are a little slow and the real problem is that it doesn’t seem to detect the objects and it runs right into them. Any help would be appreciated and this is time sensitive so if you could get back with me as soon as possible it would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi tdubick,

You may provide more information about the model, framework, setup, error log…etc as reference, then we can have suggestions.