Jetson Nano Not Turning on (Power LED off)

After taking off the default black heatsink, I installed an ICE Tower Cooling Fan by 52Pi.

After that, the Jetson Nano stopped turning on after plugging in the barrel connector (it did before).

Is there any way to verify if I damaged something during cooling installation (nothing visual), and is there any alternatives I can use to try and turn on the Nano other than simply plugging in the barrel power plug?

Edit: The cooling fan plugs into J15 on the Nano. When plugging in the power, the fan lights up and turns on. However, the mainboard LED does not turn on. After unplugging the fan, the same problem persists.

hello henryzshao ,

please setup the serial console and gather the bootloader logs for reference,
please also check Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide for reference, thanks

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