Jetson nano on with a gpio

Hello i have jetson nano integrated with esp32 . For some reason my nano gets off but esp32 still on.

Im willing to make a mechansim in a way that whenever nano gets off ,i send this status via serial to esp32 and tell esp32 to turn nano on by making any gpio digital pin high…

Is this possible to turn nano on via any gpio ?

What’s esp32? I don’t think that works as you even don’t know why nano turn off.

esp32 is a small footprint ARM embedded system, low cost. Did you buy a carrier board which integrates that? Basically “on” is shorting the power on pin to ground. I think high level is 5V? Not sure. However, if the esp32 GPIO can efficiently ground that pin momentarily (maybe 50 ms), then it should work. I’m not sure how much resistance the “on” pin handle (and the esp32 GPIO won’t be a true short to ground).

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