Jetson Nano one by wacom small Graffic tablet not working. Please help ne!

Hı everybody,
I have jetson Nano and one by wacom graffic tablet. I am try all drivers but not working. Has anyone encountered a similar problem before or know how to fix it? I will be glad if you help me.

Note: When I do lsusb, the tablet shows up. I use Ubuntu 20.04


Please share more detail about this tablet. This is also new to us so we don’t know what kind of interface is in use here.

If it is not using native HDMI or DP, then it may not use our driver.

My tablet is one by wacom CTL-472.

And? Any further information for that? What interface is in use for this panel?

What kind of driver is this panel expected? Do you only want to tell the product name and expect everyone else goes to search the info by themselves?

I’m sorry I couldn’t give details just because I’m at work.


I was following the steps on this site. When I issue the make command, I get the following error:

make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.

I cannot complete the installation because I did not run this command.


These steps are not 100% able to directly run over jetson.
I am not sure if you have any experience to build the kernel driver. If you don’t have it, it is unlikely to set this device up.
Also, we are not sure if this would work or not.

Some steps from your website seems installing drivers for x86_64 arch. However, we don’t know whether they have a arm64 version which is for jetson nano.

I understand. There isn’t much I can do then. Thank you very much for all your help.

This is not a solution, but intended more to show you how to start on researching this.

Just as a caution, realize before you start that some of the commands and files in your URL assume a desktop PC architecture and this does not apply to a Jetson. Any installation steps for kernel or drivers can differ, and you want to use only the arm64/aarch64 information/content to install this on a Jetson. The steps you see for automating or installing content may be wrong, especially if there is use of binary content which is of the wrong architecture. I do not have one of these and I do not know if what I comment on will help or not.

To start with, what do you see from this:
zcat /proc/config.gz | grep 'WACOM'

I see from the above this on one of my older Jetsons:


(which means some base support exists by default and is integrated directly in the kernel, but other more specialized interface might still need to be added)

Whenever you build a kernel module (out of tree content) you would be building it as a module format, and in the kernel feature list (the “CONFIG_...” items) you would see this as “=m” if the kernel itself had that module built during its own build. If you do build a module, then adding it is just a simple file copy (don’t use their instructions for build or install).

The reason I say to not use their instructions for build is that they assume a mainstream kernel and kernel headers. You would most likely instead install the full kernel source and pretend this is header content once it is configured. Probably parts of their instructions are correct, but I don’t really know since I don’t have the tablet. It is also possible you don’t even need to build out-of-tree content if one of the features below have replaced out-of-tree requirements:


The trick is that you must find out what “CONFIG_” is being added with their out-of-tree build. Look at their make target in their scripts, and if anything similar to the “CONFIG_” item is visible, then let us know here. This is the kernel requirement part of the overall requirements.

As for the X server input driver, I see it is available with a simple package install (I wish to emphasize this is not an X server, but is instead a module which plugs in to the server):

Typical install (assuming you’ve already updated everything with “sudo apt update”):
sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-wacom-hwe-18.04

I don’t know if the manual build of libwacom is needed or not. By default examine this command’s output:

# apt search libwacom
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
libwacom-bin/bionic,now 0.29-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
  Wacom model feature query library -- binaries

libwacom-common/bionic,now 0.29-1 all [installed,automatic]
  Wacom model feature query library (common files)

libwacom-dev/bionic 0.29-1 arm64
  Wacom model feature query library (development files)

libwacom2/bionic,now 0.29-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
  Wacom model feature query library

libwacom2-dbg/bionic 0.29-1 arm64
  Wacom model feature query library (debug files)

If the instructions to build libwacom are actually because of a mandatory downgrade to the first release of libwacom, then you’d go ahead and follow their instructions. If this uses “libwacom2”, then this would work:
sudo apt-get install libwacom2

Do note that it would be possible for both libwacom2 and the earlier legacy libwacom to be installed together, but it seems like a waste to do the manual build unless the “2” version does not work.

Just as a recap, everything here is the same across most Ubuntu distributions. The part which differs is that it is for arm64/aarch64 architecture, and that installing or building any kind of kernel content will differ.

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. As a new linux user, what you describe sounds complicated to me. I guess I’ll just stick with this for a while, at least. Thanks for all your help.

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