Jetson Nano or Jetson Orin WebRTC with Hardware Accelerated Decoding & Encoding

What’s the current status on WebRTC support on Jetson Nano and/or Jetson Orin?
I need WebRTC on the Nano (or Orin, though currently only have the Nano) and hardware accelerated decoding,
Building WebRTC from sources does not look viable (python-related errors / clang-related errors and god knows what else when I resolve all of those) + it won’t have the hardware acceleration.
I read somewhere that there are packages available with hardware accelerated encoding (though I really need decoding) – is it open source / how can I build it, and what are the plans for it? thanks you

For Jetson Nano, please download the package and give it a try:

NVIDIA Hardware Acceleration in the WebRTC Framework

For Orin series, we don’t have the package. You would need to use gstreamer or jetson_multimedia_api to develop the use-case.

There is also an implementation in jetson-utils for WebRTC with hardware acceleration:

It uses GStreamer underneath and admittedly the matchmaking/networking isn’t rock-solid (which can get quite complex with WebRTC)

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Thanks @dusty_nv I have checked that one and I did see that it was using gstreamer underneath, not sure yet if this will suffice

Thanks @DaneLLL
Eventually my goal was to switch to Orin so if there isn’t package there, I might be better off looking for a different solution right away.
Do you know if there are any instructions on how to build webrtc on the Jetson myself? and then I guess I should play around with introducing the hardware accelerated decoding using the multimedia api

Hi @artemskikh,
You can take a look at the RTSPsink element by Ridgerun. Here is the link to the wiki GStreamer rtspsink element | GStreamer | RidgeRun. You can make a pipeline that encodes the video using hw encoders like the omxh264enc element that is available on the Jetson Nano. Or even use the WebRTC wrapper element, here is the link GStreamer WebRTC Wrapper | WebRTC Wrapper | RidgeRun GStreamer WebRTC Wrapper.

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