Jetson Nano Orin fan not working and doesn't connect to macbook

I recently got a Nano Orin. Got it working till I was able to SSH, complete the headless setup, and run the Jupiter notebook. Then I tried connecting the MIPI camera. and in middle of that process, suddenly the fan stopped working and it seems like it doesn’t boot up and my macbook doesn’t see the board attached via usb-C cable (tty.usbmodem*)

I have the board connected to the barrel power supply that came with. Please let me know if you have any hints.

hello navidkhajouei,

is there any failure messages reported? please setup a serial console and gather the kernel message for details.

Hi, can you point me to how to setup a serial console to gather this info?

Also curious, similar to Jetson Nano, do I need to use a Jumper when I power the board via the barrel connector?
Overall when we search for Nano Orin documentation, we are directed to Jetson Nano documentation but there seems to be some differences between the two. Thanks

hello navidkhajouei,

you may see-also Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification, it’s using pin-3 and pin-4 on J14 for setting up the serial console.
it’s by default with auto power-on enabled, you may only use jumper to enter forced recovery mode.

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