Jetson nano orin freeze randomly afterupgrade to jetpack 6

  • I Turn on the jetson nano orin
  • I can see boot log in console log
  • Prompt login user name and password in the console.
  • if the wifi is turn off there is not problem (yesterday uptime 4 hours)
  • if I turn on wifi after few minutes, no log only freeze
  • After few seconds system reboot

Ok. We can only try to reproduce this issue.

If we cannot reproduce this locally, then we may be not able to help as no log is provided.

Does WIFI connect to anything?

Yes, it is connected to my home Wi-Fi network.

In my Jetson nano I have not installed software and I have not update/upgrade the system. Only flash and I entered the wifi password.
With ethernet cable no problem

I guess you are talking about Orin Nano and not Jetson Nano, right?

They are not same product so better using clear description…

I guess you are talking about Orin Nano and not Jetson Nano, right?

Yes, Jetson nano orin p3767-00005

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I think I’ve found the cause of the problem. In my Wi-Fi Settings I Split the frequency 2.4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi and and I left only one. Freeze no longer occurs

What does that mean “left only one”?

In wifi setting I can choose 2.4G, 5G or both

With both activate freeze problem

Where is this page from? Is it a setting on Jetson? Or some of your wifi AP setting?

Are my wifi setting.

The real problem here is no matter what kind of setting that is, Jetson should not freeze.

However, as you said there is not possible to dump log and we cannot reproduce this issue locally, nothing we can check here.

I created a custom wifi so I wouldn’t have any problems. The post may help if this happens to others.
Thanks for the support