Jetson Nano OTA Update

We have a custom carrier board with jetson nano.
Could you please let us know if there is any OTA Update scheme is for jetson nano?


Yes, as far as I know there is support for Over The Air (OTA) updates for the Jetson Nano:

However this only applies to JetPack 4.x versions since Jetson Nano is pretty much EOL at this point at it would be no longer have support in JetPack 5.x

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@jchaves Thanks for the info

Could you please clarify whether Jetson Nano supports Image-Based Over-the-Air Update, the link you have provided have mentioned only Over-the-Air Update via NVIDIA APT server for Jetson Nano?


According to the documentation it seems that for the Jetson Nano one of the mechanisms is not supported, that is, Image-Based Over-the-Air Update. However you are still left with the Debian package management-based OTA mechanism.

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