Jetson Nano - overriding data type identifier

Hi! I want to stream data from camera in a custom format. I was able to do it on TX2 and Xavier, using the DT_OVERRIDE. On Nano, according to the Tegra X1 TRM, there is the CSI_PPA_DATA_IDENTIFIER bit in CSI_PIXEL_STREAM_A_CONTROL0_0 register, which should make Nano ignore the data identifier in data header and assume the data type written to VI_CSI_0_CSI_IMAGE_DT_0 register, but the stream does not work in this configuration and VI keeps timeouting. Is there anything I should configure along with disabling the data identifier?

Timeout may not the data type incorrect need to check status REG.

When DATA_IDENTIFIER is disabled, I get following statuses:

vi TEGRA_CSI_CIL_STATUS 0x00000010
video4linux video0: frame start syncpt timeout!0
video4linux video0: TEGRA_VI_CSI_ERROR_STATUS 0x00000000

Also for formats that are streamed properly, when I disabled DATA_IDENTIFIER I started getting the same errors in status regs, so how can be data incorrect in this case?

There have data lane control error have a check the REG CSI_CSI_CILA_STATUS_0 from the TRM.