Jetson Nano P3448-0002/0000 differences


I am currently working on a project on my Jetson Nano DevKit (P3448-0000) and I am planning to migrate the created software to the P3448-00002 SOM. The project includes integration of different sensors and I am wondering if there are any differences between the P3448-0000 and P3448-0002 which should be taken under consideration or can cause problems (pinout, etc.).
I’ve managed to find only this information
The P3448-00002 SOM is sold separately for production use. It has 16 GB of eMMC storage instead of a micro SD card slot, but is otherwise similar to the P3448-0000. It has a five-year operating lifetime, and is qualified for deployment in commercial environments.

hello slowak91 ,

– P3448-0000
this is Jetson-Nano-Devkit, using the SD-card. the flash configuration is jetson-nano-qspi-sd.conf.

– P3448-0002
this is also a Jetson-Nano-Devkit, but it includes eMMC, it’s using the flash configuration file, jetson-nano-emmc.conf

Thanks for the promt reply.
Just to be sure: are the pinouts (size, voltage, order, nubering etc.) identical?

I would also like to ask if could confirm that the Production Module (P3448-0000) can be unambigously identifed using the part number:

hello slowak91,

they’re using the same module, you should also see Jetson Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Design Files for the difference.
BTW, Production Module means the eMMC modules.

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