Jetson Nano Pinout Qeury Help!


Due to the component shortage i am unable to find a jetson nano B01 module. But i do have a A02. Would it be possible to know what the pinout differences are between the A02 and B01 sodium’s as i have access to a custom board that supports the B01. I don’t mind modifying this board if i need to and i only ask as i can’t seem to find a document that tells me what the differences are in the pinout of both modules.

Their is not much of a choice for me right now to just go and buy a nano B01. So, if i were to get use b01 board. Then i am trying to work out if the module wouldn’t boot at all or if i would have access to only some parts. I don’t want to damage the only A02 i have.

Help would be appreciated,

Thanks for your time

I’m afraid not. They are not pin compatible.

So i cannot even access the module and use it in a limited capacity. Maybe headless mode with access to the the mipi csi2 camera lanes and the usb ports. How much difference can their be? I am trying to understand what the reason is that their is documentation on the B01 and nothing on the A02.

Normally i would go and purchase a B01. But their not exactly readily available at the moment.

A02 module can not work with B01 carrier board.

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