Jetson Nano - Power Down Sequencing


I’m designing my own carrier board in order to receive the Jetson Nano SOM and I have few questions to clarifies the Power Down Sequencing.

  1. When SHUTDOWN_REQ* is asserted (low) by the Module, POWER_EN need to be asserted (low) by the Carrier Board. Does the POWER_EN needs to stay low when when SHUTDOWN_REQ* go back high ?

  2. Since SYS_RESET* is bidirectional and used as both Carrier Power Enable and Module Reset. Would it be correct to connect this pin a reset pushbutton? When pressing the button, that would both disable the carrier power and reset the Module at the same time.

  3. Just to confirm, during the power down, the Carrier Board Supplies need to be disable at the end, when SYS_RESET* is asserted by the Module?

Thanks in advance,


  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, you can add a button for it.
  3. Carrier should be powered off by the SYS_RESET* earlier than module.