Jetson Nano power limitations, and options

My goal is to use a real sense depth camera (D455), along with wifi, on a Jetson Nano, for remote control / monitoring, of a robot.

What’s happening though, is that with the barrel jack power providing 5V / 4A to the Nano, and with the ‘MAXN’ setting apparently trying to limit power draw, I can’t run both wifi, and the real sense camera at the same time. I need to unplug the camera to use the wifi.

Tegrastats shows the POM_5V_IN going above 4A, which I presume is the issue.

I see it is possible to provide up to 2 x 3A via 2 x 5V GPIO pins (presumably with a common ground returning to the power supply)

Has anyone encountered this issue, and what are the options? Give it 6A via the GPIO pins, is the answer, I guess.

But if there is a more practical solution, please let me know. Thanks

Are any components USB? If so, then use an externally powered USB HUB so power is not required from the Jetson itself.

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