Jetson nano powers down/crashes too often

I am using DC barrel jack power supply and JetPack 4.3 installed: using the SD card image.

dpkg-query --show nvidia-l4t-core

nvidia-l4t-core 32.3.1-20191209225816

When I try to run any deepstream sample, it crashes either immediately or within a few seconds. One noticeable difference is when specifying output to file. When using deepstream_redaction_app with -o option to use filesink instead of osd, it almost always crashes and when using on screen display (without the -o option), it completes. The app deepstream-infer-tensor-meta-test crashes almost always.

Hi Lonikar,

which DC barrel jack power supply adapter are you using? Is it one from this thread?

If the voltage the adapter supplies dips below 4.75V under load, then the Nano can brownout and shutdown.

You can try 5V/4A power supply to see if be normal.

No, I do not have one from that list. I need to buy. When I do so, I will check and update this thread.

Finally I got a new power supply… It works. Crashes are not there anymore.