Jetson Nano problem with boot

Hi, I have a problem with the jetson nano developer kit. When I restarted the device it stuck in the booting screen as you can see in the picture below. This is the second time that happens to me. I am using Jetpack 4.5.1.

I would appreciate any help

hello hernan.morales593,

may I know what’s the customization you’ve done,
is this happened with code-boot (i.e. unplug/plug power-supply) or warm-boot (i.e. command-line reboot)?

Well, the first time I was doing some configuration to enable CAN communication with the nano, then I had this error. The second time, I was trying to install the last version of device tree compiler (dtc 1.4.7), I was following some steps, and when I rebooted the device this issue came out again.

I would like to know the reason of this error to avoid it in the future.

hello hernan.morales593,

is your Nano platform just stuck there? are you able to ssh to access the target?
you may setup serial console to gather the complete logs as single text file and attach it here for reference,

Hi Jerry,

Yes, the nano was stuck there. I couldn’t connect through ssh, and I have to reflash it.
So, I only have the picture shown above.

Serial console works even when most of the system is dead and gone. Serial console also provides boot logs from before Linux ever starts, when boot loader stages are setting up hardware. Take a look here if the reflash did not solve the issue (I highly recommend any developer have serial console available, so even if this fixed the problem, it is worth considering getting the serial console UART cable):


Thanks for your advice, I will keep that in mind.

I was looking on the tutorial, it recommends a cable from Adafruit, but the link redirect me to a product on amazon which is a different cable compared to the one shown on the video.

Link product:

I would be careful with that one since it does not mention signal voltage other than “TTL”. It might be the mandatory 3.3V level, but it might also be 5V signal level. Here are some examples, mostly differing in connectors:

Those are all FTDI brand, but those should work everywhere without any special support (there are a lot of other brands which also work, often without need to add any software, but FTDI is the most comprehensive). These are all 3.3V.

Note that unless you use CTS/RTS you only need the three wire version (and you won’t need CTS/RTS for this…maybe some day it might be useful to you, and if you have CTS/RTS you just leave it disconnected, so there is no harm in having this). The ones I see there do not have the 0.1" individual wire connectors, which would be useful, but there are a lot with the wires having that type of connector.

Here’s a similar Amazon selection, also 3.3V FTDI:

This particular one has the 3-wire with connectors:

Here’s one that has CTS/DTS (possibly useful to you in the future):

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Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!

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