Jetson Nano production module flash

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to flash a Jetson Nano module B01 (Emmc) production module on a Auvidea JN30-LC

The problem is that I cannot flash it with NVIDIA SDK manager, neither with ./ script. In both cases it report an error as soon as I launch the process stating that the board is not found or it is “in bad state”. I can see NVIDIA usb from “lsusb” and I’m sure that my system is ok since I can flash DevKit with same cable and OS

I think that the problem is in putting the device in recovery mode, from Auvidea manuals it should simple connecting the cable and after that powering on the device but it seems it doesn’t work. I also checked the board HDMI output both connecting the usb (recovery mode) and without and it seems not in recovery (see screenshot attached)

Could you help me, thank you!

I am thinking that although flash itself should probably be ok with the third party carrier board, that it won’t matter in the end if you intend to actually boot on that carrier board. The manufacturer would have provided a Board Support Package to flash with, and that package will differ in some important ways compared to the NVIDIA JetPack/SDK Manager (especially in terms of device tree).

Yes, flash would require recovery mode regardless of carrier board, and there would be a pin to short to ground during power up or power reset to get recovery mode. One useful test is to monitor logs with “dmesg --follow”, and then see what shows up as you plug in the Jetson (presumably in recovery mode).

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