Jetson Nano Production Module - SD Card Interface Software Reset Problem

We need to check couple of things:

Based on one of the logs shared here, I see the card is enumerating in HS mode instead of UHS mode.

Does the custom carrier board support power cycling for SD slot supply on warm boot?
If not, are you sure your build has

  1. the WAR to bypass CMD11 in kernel image (Jetson Nano SD card enters back to high speed mode instead of uhs mode after soft reboot - #4 by WayneWWW)

  2. has “nvidia,vmmc-always-on” in the dt?

If the issue is still seen, can you help check if the following commands help
sudo sysctl -w vm.dirty_ratio=50
sudo sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_ratio=5
sudo sysctl -p

Verify that above changes are reflected in the system using sudo sysctl -a | grep dirty and write large data the card.

Ensure that all the write tests are run with hung task timeouts enabled.