Jetson nano[Production Module] Stops responding and at times Network gets autodisconnected


Hi .
We are using Jetson nano Production SOM with WaveShare board.
At times in some of the devices the following happens:

  1. Case 1: Network Disappears even though ethernet wire is connected. At this moment if we connect via serial console we can see the device functioning. Also scripts/Cron tab keeps on running.
  2. Case 2: It just stops responding and there is no access to console etc

My Question is as follows:

  1. In case 1 How can I debug the system i.e see what are the system logs and if we can recover the network/Eth0. Currently after a reboot most of the time the system recovers. But it causes an interruption in the system’s functioning. Also I want to know the root cause of the interruption
  2. In case 2: Why does the device/board just hang or stop responding? How can we see the logs to debug the root cause of the issue.

Do note:

  1. We have more than 4-5 devices in the field which are behaving this way
  2. We tried changing the device with new Carrier/SOM but the issue still remains
  3. Issue is somehow tied to the Wiring/wires near by as on tidying up nearby wires(Specially AC voltage wires) the number of shutdowns reduced to once a day or twice a day for some boards.

Best Regards

You need to enable uart serial console in both case 1 and case 2. See what got printed before case 1 and 2 happened.

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