Jetson Nano, Qt, and displaying more than 2 videos

I’ve tried to run a program on a jetson nano that will display 4 UDP video streams on a monitor connected to the jetson nano via HDMI. From what I’ve read, it is possible to only display 2 video streams (as the jetson has only 2 overlays). Has anyone displayed more than 2 video streams via something like Qt multimedia successfully?

For this use-case we would suggest composite multiple video plane into single plane. You can use nvcompositor plugin in gstreamer. Or call NvBufferComposite() in jetson_multimedia_api.

So you are confirming that this is indeed the case… that you can only show two separate video windows on the a jetson nano display?


Charles Bryant

Not sure about using QT. This would need other users to share experience.

If you use gstreamer and use window-based nv3dsink or nveglglessink, you can create more-than-two windows. The constraint you mentioned is specific to using nvoverlaysink

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