Jetson Nano “randomly” reboots

Noob here.

I have a Nano that seemingly reboots randomly, more frequently with longer use.

Power is supplied via the barrel jack (5V, 4A). Am running Ubuntu and some python scripts that call GPIO and a USB camera.

Is there a log I can look at to see why the system is rebooting? I don’t think it’s memory or power, but…


Hi johnn7831,

What image version are you using?
Suggest you can use sdkmanager to flash image again.
You can download sdkmanager and reference user guide from Jetson Download Center.

If it is “reboot” instead of shutdown, then enable the serial console log should help dump the log.
The device shall print out error before reboot.

Thanks Wayne, Carol,
I’ll get back on this project later this week and will try these out.

Stay healthy and safe,

Try to change the good power supply.