Jetson nano reboots randomly

I use Jetson Nano for a data collection and GPU inference task. These tasks are perform in parallel, so while the Nano captures de data (images) I also do inferences with the images (yolov5 in pure torch1.81), save data to a db and delete the infered image.

This pipeline has gone perfect for some days, but after 10 days maybe it started to fail, I check with last reboot if the nano reboots and it seems that it randomly does it while doing the job (random because one day it reboots after 5 hours of work, and other it reboots after 30 minutes).

I am using the power supply requested (5v-4A), also the fan is setted to default. the environment where the jetson is working is a laboratory (monday to friday 9am-6pm with air condition, others no and closed with no windows)

Maybe this is due to overheating? Is there a way to check a log? like heat log or error before rebooting?

Thanks in advance.

PD: Some Jtop Captures:

hello fnando1995,

as you can see, JTop has gather the thermal info also.
however, you may enable tegrastats utility, enable the --logfile options to dump the logs file to gather the reported statistics.
in addition, please also setup a terminal. please running $ dmesg --follow to catch the instant kernel logs.
please check what’s the actual failure to cause Nano reboot randomly.


Hello, I tried to flash de sd card. please check this link where I placed more information.

let’s track at Topic 180234 for further supports.

Had you turn on bluetooth on th Nano? Have a try to turn off the bluetooth may get rid of the reboot by itself issue.
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Hi Jungle.LI,

Please help to open a new topic with more details if still an issue. Thanks