Jetson Nano recording from 2 cameras

I would like to record and save the video files of 2 simultaneous recordings, that is, recording from 2 CSI cameras MODEL: Arducam IMX519 simultaneously.
Since I do not know the length of the video, I do not need to use num-buffers property. I would like to save the videos as files after the recording is done. How cold I implement this in code?

You may refer to this sample:
GStreamer freeze when using qtmux and NVIDIA-accelerated h264/h265 encoding - #7 by DaneLLL

Thanks for the answer. Since I want to record at 120 fps wouldn’t the sleep time affect the recording acquisition times?
Also, how would I stop the recording and activate the EOS? Basically using control + c ?

The 30-second sleep is to let the pipeline run for 30 seconds, and then send end of stream:

gst_element_send_event (src, gst_event_new_eos ());

Without sending EoS, video file may be corrupted.

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