Jetson Nano regulator disabling issue

Modified kernel to enable SDMMC3 for Jetson nano module
After modifying the kernel, the sd card is recognized and operated normally, but after about 30 seconds, the message shown in the picture below is returned, and an error message such as mmc1: CMD CRC or end bit error, int mask 0xc0000 occurs.


Since the regulator designated as power supply IO is disabling, the SD card power supply repeats HIGH LOW.

Searching the forum, it is said that it is a function to disable nodes that are not used for a certain period of time.
How to disable this feature??

What does that mean the " the regulator designated as power supply IO is disabling,"?

You should try to think about why your regulator gets disabled. Not try to disable some unrelated features.

Regulators would only be disabled because you are not using it.

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