Jetson Nano replica


We planned to build replica of Jetson Nano for recording video as well running inference. We also want to add mic and wifi. As we want to run two models, we are thinking to increase RAM to 6GB.
Is it a good idea to build something like or purchase board already available in market?


It’s not possible to do this change on Nano module.

That depends whether the available carriers all suitable and the cost comparison.

Thanks @kayccc for quick response. We had built our product using Jetson Nano dev board.We want to move to production board, but cost for carrier board as well jetson prod board shooting up.

To be able to see the product, we need to reduce the cost. We are evaluating option to procure individual models and prepare PCB based on our requirement. What do you think of idea to customise PCB design of nano for our purpose?

Many customers are doing toward to this way to customize their carrier board for production, some are cost, some are requirement, they all have different considerations.

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