Jetson Nano RTC backup battery internal protection

I am using a CR1225 battery connected to PMIC_BBAT. Is there any internal reverse-current protection in the Jetson Nano?


The BBAT function is monitored by PMIC which needs external power supply. No need to add such protection.

I am unclear on your meaning. Would you be able to link a document or diagram describing how it is protected from reverse current?

The battery can be charged and also the battery can supply current to PMIC RTC part. It is bi-direction, no need to add such protection.

Thanks for your reply. We do not intend to charge our battery. Regardless, we need to show proof of current protection for regulatory reasons. This can be a datasheet or schematic showing how the PMIC limits current in the direction of the battery. Otherwise, we will have to add current limiting components (probably resistor and diode) to our battery circuit to satisfy the regulatory requirement.

It is guaranteed by PMIC. We can’t share the datasheet of 3rd-party device. You can just follow Jetson nano Design Guide and reference schematic for this.

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