Jetson Nano secure boot chain

I am trying to verify the secure boot sequence for Jetson Nano.

I looked at the document at : security

I found out that most times TX1 and Jetson Nano are grouped together under the same functionality.

Does this mean that both TX1 and Jetson Nano have exactly the same secure boot chain?

I found this video but only TX1 boot sequence was explained.

Is it safe to assume that both TX1 and Jetson Nano have the same boot sequence?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Both have the same SoC (they’re both TX1). However, they have different layout, so some firmware will differ. None of the SD card models of any of the Jetsons support secure boot; if the TX1 has eMMC, then I’m guessing it can be used with secure boot, but if the Jetson has only an SD card for boot, then it probably does not support secure boot.

For secureboot, Jetson Nano and TX1 are identical. As linuxdev mentions, secureboot is supported on Jetson Nano prodution module(with eMMC)

Thanks for your response @linuxdev.

Thanks @DaneLLL . Its clear now.

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