Jetson Nano setup Docker permission denied accessing jupyterlab

When I get to the download docker and start jupyter lab part of the setup course I set up the docker which seems to be successful, but I get permission denied when typing ./ below is a screenshot of my setup VS. tutorial.

Hi @matthewT95 , can you run chmod +x Perhaps the script was not set to executable. Or if not, can you check the permissions with ls -ll

Also, try running the command inside the script directly (by copying it into your terminal) to see if the issue is with the command the script is running, or with just launching the script itself.

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I cannot run chmod +x I get a syntax error message. If I run list I get the below result. Also I appreciate the time you are taking to help me troubleshoot this.

Sorry for the delay @matthewT95 - it appears you are running this on a Windows system. This container / script should only be installed and run on the Jetson.