Jetson Nano shutdown time & graceful shutdown during sudden power loss


We are going to use Jetson Nano in smart city lighting applications where product will be installed at height of lighting pole. So this application requires ruggedness. We shall work on our custom base board pertaining to which I shall appreciate point wise response of each queries,

  1. Do you recommend to have some backup system & power loss monitoring mechanism to combat sudden power loss in field? If yes then please see point 2.

  2. What is in general shutdown time for Jetson nano so we can work on its backup time & power loss monitoring?

  3. As we are working on our custom base board do NVIDIA provide schematic & layout review support for Jetson Nano?


Hi jagdish,

That depends on if any important or real-time info that you want to protect and save on system. Usually if it’s a suddenly power lose, then no info can be saved, so a routine saving mechanism is more safe, you may need to review your use cases to decide how to implement your applications.

Sorry, we do not provide this support, but you can post your questions in forum, then we can help to answer and remove your concerns. Please be sure to follow the Jetson Nano Product Design Guide to develop your carrier board.

Hi Kaycc,

Thanks for your response.

  1. Yes, we shall write real time information about metering KWH & some more parameters. In that case, is it recommended? If yes then what will be shutdown time?

  2. Of course, we shall go through design guide & post queries but a single schematic & layout review will be helpful. Is there any separate commercial service from NVIDIA for this?


I haven’t heard this requirement from customer, so no much information and experience to share.

Sorry, we don’t provide the schematic & layout review in forum, please contact our region NVIDIA representative to have further discussion.

Hi kayccc,

Thanks for your response, we shall contact NVIDIA further.



I’m using Jetson Xavier NX and like Jagdish, I’m using my product in outdoor environment, operating 24/7 which needs to be reliable and rugged.

Please recommend and share a good solution for graceful shutdown for in the event of sudden power loss in the field.


The solutions I know of are mostly for an actual UPS. These usually come with a serial port or serial over USB.

If you don’t use an actual UPS, then all I can do is speculate that you’ll need something which detects power loss and uses either serial or GPIO to tell the Jetson about that loss, which then uses that information to trigger proper shutdown.

Hi Nvidia,

What is the possibility or likelyhood of OS and memory data corruption in the event of improper shutdown?
Anyone experienced this (data corruption) before?

tks and rgds,

Unless your filesystem is mounted read-only, then there is about a 99.9999% chance that some (trivial) data will be lost. If writes are heavy at the moment of failure, and the journal is of insufficient size for that amount of loss, then it is a 100% possibility that the ext4 will corrupt (the corruption could range from not being an issue to requiring flashing a new o/s…it isn’t predictable).