Jetson Nano SOM is no turning on - Unexpected randomly behavior

I have assembled a few units with the Jetson Nano SOM, and one of them is exhibiting unusual behavior. Initially, the SOM powered on as expected. However, after a power cycle, the unit failed to turn on. I observed that the SOM was running slightly hotter than the other units, though not to a critical extent.

To restore functionality, I had to remove and reinstall the SOM into the socket, after which it operated normally. Unfortunately, after the first subsequent power cycle, the problem resurfaced. When I substituted the original SOM with other units, the device functioned perfectly. This suggests that the issue lies with the original SOM.

I’m uncertain whether this SOM could be experiencing a hardware failure. I’m also unsure about the proper method to debug or identify the specific problem. Here is the log I have collected. While it’s a lengthy log, I’ve observed multiple reboots and unusual errors occurring between lines 5162 and 8842.
SOMLogErrorAug2023.txt (1022.7 KB)


does such issue only happen on this specific module? Did you run anything other than reboot test?
Can you check if the fan is correctly attached to the module?

It looks more like hardware failure, and if it keeps happening, maybe consider RMA.

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