Jetson nano spi doesn't work

Hello there.
Even though I did everything in this forum still I couldn’t use my spi properly. When I connect pin19(mosi) to an oscillator I can’t observe any change. I tried to change device tree and everything but none of them helped me.

In another forum i have read that in /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_gpio, CNF column in row C must be 00 in order to map spi but I cannot change that it is still 1f. Maybe changing that would work but I have no idea how to change it. I tried to follow instructions in this link Jetson/TX1 SPI - , but there is no ./ file in my device. Can it be a solution?

Which Jetpack release you are using? If you use SDKManager to flash TX1, you shall see in the downloaded package. The default path is


Hi, DaneLLL. I use jetpack 4.5.1 and there is no folder “~/nvidia” in my device.

The image is downloaded to host PC. Please check the path on your host.

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