Jetson Nano SSH Connection time out

Good afternoon,

I was following the course “Getting started with Jetson Nano” without any problems beign able to setup the camera and to do the thumbs up or down exercise. But today as I try to acces into the Jeston Nano via PowerShell on my Windows laptop typing:

ssh nvidia@

it says:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

I tried to reboot everything and even trying to run it via PuTTY, but it also has the Connection timed out error. What shall I do?

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I have similar issue: WiFi issues in Jetson Nano; Can't SSH or Ping

Please don’t take these two issues together.

The from @pujol is the micro usb ethernet interface. It is connected with the host with micro usb cable on the micro usb port of jetson nano devkit.

But you @jash.local 's issue is totally wifi. Thus, these two should not be consider same.

For @pujol , could you make sure the micro usb cable is connected and ping and see if your host can see it?

FYI, the host PC may have a security setting which does not allow the virtual wired ethernet on the USB to be used by default. I don’t know in Windows where one would tell the system it is ok to use that connection, but consider looking in network connections and seeing if you can “activate” or allow this virtual router device.