Jetson NANO Starting display


I would like to ask about starting NANO with production module.

I bought a carrier board from ecosystem company and done for flashing the image.

When i start the product, i could see the NVIDIA logo on the display, could i change the starting logo with other image instead of NVIDIA logo?

Also, could i set the standby mode when i don’t use the product?

hello insung.ok,

please check developer guide, Chipset Power States,
you can initiate deep sleep (SC7) from the user-space with below command if the systemd init system is in use,
$ sudo systemctl suspend

there’s an approach to replace boot logo, you may create a customize bmp.blob to do that,
here’s a github GitHub - jwatte/jw_boot_logo: Simple tool to generate cboot logo blob file, for nvidia JetPack 3.2 ,
please also check this topic for reference, Change cboot boot logo (L4T 28.2)