Jetson Nano startup timing: camera detection vs NANO_SYS_RESET_L

When the nano powers up, it does many things but the 2 items that I’m interested in at the moment are the assertion of NANO_SYS_RESET_L and the detection of the camera. Is the assertion of NANO_SYS_RESET_L before or after the detection of an attached camera? If “before”, can I get an approximation regarding how much time is between the assertion and the camera detection?

Rationale: in the system that we’re building, the plan is to provide power to the camera when the NANO_SYS_RESET_L is asserted. We need to make sure that the camera is up before the camera-detection starts. One of the guys here says "I think the Nano has a PMIC that it uses to drive that signal, so I think it releases the RESET once the Nano power supplies are up, but before the Nano has finished (or probably even started) booting. " … did he get that right?

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If this pin is connect to the pmic it could be before the camera detection.

Please refer to the power up sequence in product design guide doc, the RESET_L is released after module power supplies ON and before carrier board power supplies ON. It is asserted by PMIC to make sure module power rails are turn on completely. The camera detection should be after RESET_L released.

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