Jetson Nano Stuck and Poweroff

Hi all,

I face a problem
I follow this tutorial Jetson AI Fundamentals - S1E3 - Image Classification Project - YouTube
Everything good until I click Train button to run training process, green led on the Jetson Nano go to turning off, I assume the Jetson come to poweroff and screen (headless mode with USB) close automatically and back to my terminal

How to fix it? there is no status happen while running it (it running under docker)

I use the latest JetPack SDK (4.6) with 4GB Developer Kit



Usually this is caused by the power starvation.
Could you share what kind of power supply do you use?

Below is a suggestion for your reference:

You can try to set Nano into 5W mode to see if it helps.
>> Supported Modes and Power Efficiency

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 1


I use power adapter 5V with 5A, I think its enough to power and set my Jetson to Max Perfomance

but It’s fixed now
before, I remote Jetson Nano via USB Cable and this problem happen
now, I change to ssh remote and the problem was fixed :)


Good to know this.
Thanks for the feedback.

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