Jetson Nano SUB not booting, trying to figure out how to reset


I recently purchsed and started using a Jetson Nano SUB development board, which boots from eMMC instead of memory, and after a recent reboot, the system has been:

  1. Showing the Nvidia logo
  2. Spitting out a bunch of startup text with interspersed “Failed to start NVIDIA persistence daemon”
  3. Showing a logo again at a different resolution
  4. Infinitely flashing a blank screen

If I were working with a standard dev board like a BO1, it seems like entering recovery mode and reflashing would be the thing to do, but I dont see the necessary pins on the SUB module that I have. Is there anything else I can do to correct this or just reset the Nano entirely? I’m fairly new to working with the nano so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Please use the JetPack to flash your system via the SDK manager.

Download NVIDIA SDK Manager

Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager.

NVIDIA SDK Manager can be installed on Ubuntu 18.04 host PC to flash Jetson with JetPack 4.6.1

I am curious what the “SUB” module is? Maybe I’m just being confused by terminology, but if it is a third party carrier board, then you probably need to include their flash software (it would have a different device tree compared to the dev kit).

Thanks for the reply! SUB refers to the board developed by a company called yahboom(I had to buy a weird one to get it in time for my project), which seems to just be a true jetson nano 4gb chip but a more compact board with 16gb eMMC instead of an sd card option. I sucessfully got it to flash yesterday(The recovery pins were hidden under the heatsink) and things were normal until I installed cuda and attempted to install tensorrt. After that and a reboot, the nano went back to the same issue of not displaying, but I can still ssh into it this time. Now I’m trying to install CUDA from sdk manager when flashing to see if that works.

Also the third party does not seem to have their own software for flashing.

Thanks for your reply! I sucesfully flashed it but now I am getting the same issue after reinstalling CUDA and attempting to install tensorrt.

Depending on how close their carrier board is to the dev kit, the default flash software might work in part or in whole. The device tree determines some of the lane/pin function/routing, and so if Yahboom publishes flash software, then you should probably use that (which is just what NVIDIA has, but perhaps differs in device tree). This probably would not change anything to do with the CUDA/tensorrt issue.

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